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First Minister: "Welsh Govt is working tirelessly"

Carwyn Jones says the Welsh Government "is working tirelessly" Photo: ITV Wales Picture

First Minister Carwyn Jones says the Welsh Government "is working tirelessly to make a real difference".

To mark the first anniversary of the formation of the current Welsh Government he's been setting out the progress they've made on the five main pledges they set out in their manifesto.

"This Government is delivering for the people of Wales. We are creating more apprentices for our young people through our Jobs Growth Wales scheme, a major weapon in our arsenal to prevent another lost generation."

We are increasing access to GPs for working people and spending more money on our schools.

– Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister

As well as commenting on the progress made in health and education, he said "we are providing further support for families in disadvantaged areas with more free child care."

He went on to say that "while I am confident of the progress we are making, significant challenges lie ahead. We are still feeling the backlash against the UK Government's recent budget and there are the welfare reform proposals that will hit Wales disproportionately. The Welsh Government will face immense challenges as a result. But, make no mistake, this is a Government of action that will continue to do everything we can to build a more prosperous, safe and fairer society."