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First Minister's Questions - And a lesson in natural history!

The fate of the little know Arctic Char, unexpectedly turned up on the menu at FMQs today.

It was Alun Ffred Jones who decided today would be a good day to tax the FM on his knowledge of natural history!

He begun by reeling him in by asking for assurances of Llyn Padarn in terms of its status as as a site of special scientific interest.

Because it seems, for good or evil, in the icy depths of the lake, thinking its own thoughts, swims the Arctic Char.

Its at this point, you will probably, open and shut your mouth as if to say "Never heard of it."

Well, same here, but after a flurry of surfing, it seems it's a bright orange fish, fond of freshwater lakes and alas has dwindled to a mere shoal of one thousand individuals.

A figure that puts it on the brink of extinction!

Now I'm not quite sure why this might matter, having got lost in an argument about whether it was a fish, a bird or a vegetable but save it we must!

The subject of the Olympics came up again. William Graham wanted the dope on how the FM might use the impetus of the 2012 Paralympics to encourage wider participation by disabled youngsters in Sport. A great opportunity if it could be grasped!

And Bethan Jenkins wanted to know if the Welsh Flag would be flying at Olympic Events? She had information that suggested it wouldn't.

The FM promised to look into this, inwardly cursing more homework for him round the kitchen table later.

But when it came to questions from party leaders, it was RT who sprang to his feet first!

Despite the dark depressing cloud of last week's local government elections clearly not too far from his thoughts, he had the bearing of a man singing under his breath "always look on the bright side of life".

Today, he cheered himself up, by giving the FM a light grilling about local health boards who hadn't met their financial targets.

He reminded the FM who clearly looked like a man who didnt want to be reminded, that three local health boards had failed to meet their targets and had been given a helping hand from next year's funding. Would this be allowed to happen again?

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood used FMQs to lightly marinade the FM on what he was doing to help those on poor rates of pay achieve a living wage.

She wanted to know what steps the Welsh Government had taken to improve the lot of those in poverty and with a Cheshire Cat like grin asked how it was that Alex Salmond, leader of the SNP in Scotland had managed to introduce a wage of £7.20 an hour for employees in the public sector. Why had the FM not done the same in Wales?

And Kirsty Williams, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, was also worried about the issue of local health boards which had not managed to hit their financial targets. She actually used the B word to ask why had they been given a bail out

And finally, in a discussion centred on regeneration, Andrew RT Davies was given a verbal swipe by the FM on that very sore spot in Welsh history, the decline of the mining industry.

But it did lead me to believe who was doing the airbrushing?

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