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First Minister's Questions

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood Photo: ITV News Wales

This week it has been difficult to view First Minister's questions without it being coloured by the many and strange goings on behind the scenes.

Tuesday morning, is a time for we hacks to attend the party press conferences to glean any undercurrents, angst or paranoia that has developed since our last gathering.

Today, Plaid were very concerned about the state of the Welsh economy as well they might be but it was very interesting to hear their new leader Leanne Wood talk of behind the scene chats she's been having to form a loosely connected group of progressives to join forces to take the economy forward. In other words a Plan B.

Who are these shadowy figures she's been talking to?

I'm forming a picture in my mind , of economic resistance fighters meeting in a dimly lit cafe, uttering a password to get in. And then meetings held in smoke filled rooms, berets tilted to one side. Not so much 'Ello 'Ello as in the TV series but more like "Shw mae! Shw mae!"

Buit against these exciting developments of which no doubt we will return to , Leanne's questions to the FM, related to the future prospect of a Severn Barrage. Was it feasible and how would it affect the wildlife and the environment of the area?

But, of course behind this prospect is the newly born campaigner one Peter Hain MP who as we know resigned this week to take up the fresh challenge of the project. But it can't be far from the FM's thoughts on who will replace him? Who will be the new shadowy figure, hovering like the Ghost of Christmas past?

Kirsty Williams, the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats turned her attention to Education. With some glee she referred to the latest report from Estyn which says that secondary schools need to plan better for progression in pupils skills. especially in developing the communication , numeracy and thinking skills across the curriculum.

Rattling the names of former Education Ministers like bullets borrowed from one of Leanne's freedom fighter's guns, she told Carwyn Jones that she had marked their report cards as could do better but where was it going from here?

And then, our weekly treat from Andrew RT Davies the leader of the Welsh Conservatives (at the Assembly). Some of the more thug-like hacks had tried to trap him earlier in the day by accusing him of opportunism of getting on the whither Cardiff city post match kit uproar!

But fair does RT rattled off enough info about the Bluebirds that he had either learned it by heart or was indeed a supporter.

He plays rugby you know? And Captains the Assembly's rugby team. Which makes you wonder... And also spoke of the Conservatives' debate tomorrow into Sport Team GB, a topic designed to create a red mist in front of some people's eyes.

But at First Minister's Questions his thoughts strayed to the subject of jobs, real and imagined.

Of course he was referring to what is now know as the First Source debacle and once again needled the FM about how these proudly announced new jobs were actually 600 jobs that had been safeguarded but weren't actually new. It produced an angry response.

Last but not least, the question that cropped up in all the pressers this morning and worried (ha ha) everyone to bits was about sheep.

A new petition that is being considered by the Assembly is whether or not a statue to that noble quadruped , the sheep, should be commissioned to stand as a permanent tribute to the affection that Assembly members have for agricultural life in Wales! To be continued but not here!