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Head teacher denies mistreatment at tribunal

Eirios Hall worked at Ardwyn nursery and infants school from 1997 Photo: Shropshire Star

A tribunal has heard from a head teacher accused of unacceptable professional conduct towards pupils at a school in Welshpool. At the hearing, Eirios Hall dismissed claims made by fellow teachers yesterday and insisted the school she led was happy, successful and held up as an example to follow. She denied any mistreatment, arguing she told a boy with a speech impediment to "open his mouth and speak properly" as part of his speech therapy.

Mrs hall is alleged to have mocked, humiliated and violently manhandled pupils at Ardwyn Nursery and Infant School, Welshpool.

Eirios Hall faces being struck off the teaching register if an array of controversial allegations are proved against her.

In 2009, when she was head teacher, Mrs Hall is alleged to have presided over a 'reign of terror'. One former teacher said Mrs Hall even made one child wet himself because she wouldn't let him go to the toilet.

Explaining her actions at the General Teaching Council for Wales in Cardiff, she also admitted grabbing and pulling a four year old up by his sweatshirt - but she said "It was a mad moment of caring" and that she thought he was going to fall down.

Teachers who support the former head teacher are due to speak in support of her tomorrow.

Eirios Hall has since left Ardwyn nursery and infants school Credit: ITV News Wales

Eirios Hall's alleged reign of terror was only stopped when a series of in-school whistleblowers reported her to the authorities. She now no longer teaches at the school.

The General Teaching Council for Wales professional panel, has heard she denies all 14 allegations against her.

They range from aggressively shouting at pupils to physical bullying and mocking one child whose father died in a road accident. The allegations, some of which are subdivided into further accusations, cover a period from September 2005 to 2009.

None of the pupils involved can be identified and all are referred to by a letter of the alphabet ranging from A to J. Mrs Hall is also alleged to have targeted special needs pupils in an array of incidents covering a period from September 2005 to 2009.

Today, she was questioned in detail about all the allegations she faces and gave a different version of events in every case. She claimed a 4-year-old child she is accused of wrestling on to a settee during a tantrum was dealt with properly. Previously, the panel heard that the child, with severe behaviour problems, was sobbing and had difficulty breathing as he was held down.

In the incident, in September 2005, she acted to pacify child J who was a danger to pupils, and was injured herself in the process, she said.

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