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Cambrian Colliery memorial service held

Thirty-one men lost their lives in the explosion Photo: ITV News Wales

Around 300 people have attended a memorial service today to remember the victims of the Cambrian Colliery mining disaster.

Thirty-one men were killed in the Clydach Vale explosion in 1965.

A memorial service takes place annually at Cambrian Memorial Park, but some fear it'll become a 'forgotten' tragedy as people from that generation grow older.

Around 300 people turned up to pay their respects Credit: ITV News Wales

Bill Richards, who organises the service each year, said once people of his age have passed it's likely no more services will be held.

Efforts are now being made to educate local youngsters about what happened. Pupils from Blaenclydach Primary School were among those present today to help keep the legacy of their mining heritage alive.

Efforts are ongoing to keep the memory of the miners alive Credit: ITV News Wales