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TB vaccines to begin next month

Badgers will be vaccinated to try and halt the spread of bovine TB Photo: ITV News Wales

A programme of vaccinating badgers to try to stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis will begin next month.

It follows years of controversy about the best way to tackle the disease and thereby reduce the millions that the Welsh Government pay out in compensation farmers who lose their cattle to the disease each year.

Former Rural Affairs Minister under the One Wales coalition government, Plaid's Elin Jones, had decided on a trial cull of badgers - which are believed by some to spread the disease- even though the Labour government at Westminster said that there was not enough scientific evidence to support the idea.

The Badger Trust went to court to stop the cull going ahead and won on the grounds that the Assembly Government had not followed the correct legal procedures. Elin Jones pressed on with a fresh order for a badger cull, but lost office before it could go ahead.

Current Environment Minister John Griffiths reversed the decision, and instead introduced a Strategic Framework for Bovine TB Eradication covering the next five years.

The Chief Veterinary Officer will lead the project, beginning in what's being called the "Intensive Action Area" of North Pembrokeshire in June.

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