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Catch me if you can!

It's not yet known where the rhea has escaped from Photo: RSPCA Cymru

A rhea that has spent today and yesterday roaming around a golf course in South Wales has finally been caught. The big bird - which is native to Australia, and second only to the ostrich in size - was reported by golfers on Sunday afternoon, and remained on the run before being caught on Monday.

The rhea was on run since Sunday Credit: ITV News Wales

People at Bryn Meadows Hotel in Maescymmer, near Caerphilly, were seen feeding the creature with sandwiches.

I was taken out in a golf buggy and I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the emu! The bird came over to feed from me but as soon as I tried to capture her, she kicked so hard I had to let her go. We have advised Animal Health and the local authority and hope that the emu will be caught later today.

– Sophie Daniels, RSPCA Officer