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"Gross failure" to provide correct care led to baby's death

Noah Tyler died when he was just ten months old Photo: Wales News Service

A coroner has recorded a narrative verdict at the inquest into the death of a ten-month-old baby, who suffered irreparable brain damage when he was deprived of oxygen during birth.

Noah Tyler was born at the University Hospital of Wales, in Cardiff, in February 2011. The coroner, Miss Mary Hassell, said that he died of natural causes contributed to by neglect. The midwife delivering him had not spotted signs of foetal distress, so did not call for help. After months of illness, he was moved to a children's hospital where he died on 23 December.

Giving evidence before the inquest at Cardiff Coroner's Court was adjourned two weeks ago, midwife Julie Richards admitted making "catastrophic mistakes" that led to Noah death. She told the inquest that she failed to take necessary action after noticing his heart rate was dangerously high. She said she would "regret what had happened for the rest of her life." She's since been dismissed from the hospital.

It's what we thought all along. We know there's a good unit there - and the experience we've had there with our new little boy [he and his wife Colleen have just had another child] just proves that they do know what they're doing. Through the failings of one person, our little boy's not here any more - and there's no good reason why he shouldn't be.

– Hywel Tyler, Noah's father

The coroner said that improvements have already been made at the hospital, but she will be writing to the Chief Executive of Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust, making further recommendations to try to prevent another case like this.

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