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Value of Welsh Government report attacked

The First Minister has issued his first annual report since he formed a Labour-only Welsh Government just over a year ago Photo: ITV News Wales

Carwyn Jones says he has begun a new era of open government today by publishing a report on how much progress his government has made towards achieving its objectives. It claims that there has been investment in growth, quicker access to NHS services, success rates of apprentices and greater support for small businesses.

The report puts transparency and accountability at the heart of what we do as a government. This is because the people of Wales know what the government's doing on their behalf.

– First Minister Carwyn Jones AM

The idea is that in future years it will be possible to compare progress over the previous 12 months. This first report gives only limited opportunity to do that and the opposition parties have complained of a lack of clear, useful and new information.

This lengthy document amounts to nothing more than a collection of re-hashed chunks of text, graphs and figures. The devil is in the detail – and at a fitting 666 pages long – the detail on offer here is tiresome, repetitive and offers Wales nothing new.

– Conservative Assembly leader Andrew RT Davies AM

It's relatively easy to list all the things you want to do and the various perfomance indicators but where is the sense of direction?

– Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood AM

Full of graphs and statistics, to try to hoodwink the people of Wales into believing that they are improving their quality of life. I think we are seeing a new era of Welsh Labour Government spin.

– Liberal Democrat spokesperson Aled Roberts AM

The government insists that it is making progress and is giving more detail than ever before. But the opposition say today's report would be a lot more meaningful if there had been clear targets set when the Programme for Government was set last year.