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Queen's Diamond Jubilee leaves lasting imprint on Abergavenny

One of the three murals is of the historic Abergavenny cattle market Photo: ITV News Wales

The old market town of Abergavenny has today marked the beginning of its Diamond Jubilee celebrations with the unveiling of a mural in the town centre.

Local artist, Dave Parkinson, was commissioned by the local council to paint three separate pieces that captured the history of the town.

Along the wall, within three separate frames is a painting of the old railway Viaduct in Llanfoist, the cattle market and a painting of three shields of the towns coat of arms, the Welsh flag and the diamond jubilee emblem.

Over the last four weeks Dave has worked tirelessly to get the murals completed in time for this weekend's celebrations.

Passers-by have already stopped to have a sneak preview of the paintings ahead of it's unveiling on Saturday morning.

Although all three paintings have gained plaudits from locals the one which seems to be the biggest hit is that of the historic cattle market.

A 1950's style painting of the historic Abergavenny cattle market. Credit: ITV News Wales

It would seem the painting which has a rather 1950's feel only serves to reinforce the importance of the cattle market to the local people of Abergavenny.

Over the last few months there has been growing concerns that the livestock market's days could be numbered.

It following proposals by the council to move it from the centre of town to a location approximately ten miles away.

These proposals have been met with fierce opposition from many of the local people.

These murals will mark the Queen's diamond Jubilee but for the people of Abergavenny they will be a lasting reminder not only of this celebration but of the town's history.

One of the paintings is of the old railway viaduct in Llanfoist Credit: ITV News Wales
On a backdrop of Abergavenny castle the three shields represent the town's coat of arms
the welsh flag and the emblem chosen to represent the Queen's diamond jubilee Credit: ITV News Wales

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