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Gwynedd villagers back home after flood-fear evacuation

Families returned home at dusk on Sunday night after they were given the all-clear Photo: ITV News Wales

Residents of the small village of Pennal, in Gwynedd, have been assured that they can return to their homes, after the risk of flooding was reduced. The village was evacuated on Sunday afternoon after a breach in the dam of a quarry.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service say that a controlled release of water has been undertaken, to reduce the water to a safe level, and a trench created to allow it to dissipate. Villagers were asked to leave after a farmer reported a build-up of water at a slate slag heap, which was breached under pressure and allowed water to escape in the direction of Pennal.

Around 100 households were affected, with the majority of residents heeding advice to leave. Around a dozen took refuge in a local leisure centre, although many travelled to family and friends further afield.