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Monmouth School pays tribute to Victor Spinetti

Victor Spinetti can be seen here in the back row, fourteenth from left Photo: Monmouth School

Monmouth School, which Victor Spinetti attended and kept in contact with throughout his life, has paid tribute to him.

Victor was a boarder in New House from 1943 to 1947 and his great-nephew is a current pupil.

He returned to open the school's drama studio in 2001 and was also the guest of honour at the Monmouth School Speech Day in 2009.

Monmouth School described him as a 'marvellous raconteur' who had the ability to hold his audience 'spellbound'.

Victor Spinetti at Monmouth School's Speech Day in 2009 Credit: Monmouth School

He was so full of life it is difficult to believe that he is no longer with us. He will be greatly missed and our thoughts and prayers extend to his family and all those who held Victor very dear. He truly was unique and we are very proud to be able to call him an Old Monmothian.

– Dr Steven Connors, Headmaster

Victor affectionately outlined his time at Monmouth School in his autobiography, joking that he was 'the worst rugby player they had ever had'.

He went on to say that he learned to appreciate the power of language in school through writers like Shakespeare.

Victor affectionately outlined his time at Monmouth School in his autobiography and stayed in contact with the school throughout his life Credit: Monmouth School

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