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Psychic duped 'vulnerable' women into sex acts

The judge said Karl Lang had taken 'the most gross advantage' of his vulnerable victims Photo: Wales News Service

A rogue psychic who conned young women into performing sex acts during ‘spiritualist sessions’ is facing jail.

49-year-old Karl Lang was convicted of 12 counts of causing women to engage in sexual activity without consent. He had denied all the charges.

Lang, from Newport, targeted two women in their 20s who sought him out in the belief he could contact their dead relatives.

Newport Crown Court heard how over a four-year period Lang ‘brainwashed’ his victims into acting more and more outrageously, telling them it would boost their ‘spiritual powers’.

He also claimed he was Jesus Christ reincarnated.

A jury at Newport Crown Court dismissed Lang’s claims that he was an innocent spiritualist instructor and found him guilty of 12 counts – all majority verdicts.

Judge Patrick Curran QC described Lang's actions as ‘a breach of trust involving two very vulnerable young women’.

He added that Lang had taken ‘the most gross advantage of the situation’ after the bereaved women had turned to him for help in communicating with their loved ones.

This involved a very serious breach of trust and an immediate custodial sentence is, it seems to me, absolutely inevitable.

– Judge Patrick Curran QC

The judge agreed to grant Lang bail to 'get his affairs in order'. He will be sentenced in July.

The Crown Prosecution Service called it 'a very unusual case' involving 'the cynical exploitation of a number of young women'.

Karl Lang preyed on his victims in a callous and underhand manner. He targeted them at times in their lives when they were at their most vulnerable. Each of Lang’s victim’s has shown tremendous courage in coming forward and reporting what happened to them. We hope that today’s verdict will provide them with some measure of comfort.

– David Watts, Senior Crown Prosecutor