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Could this be Britain's most unique shed?

The Water Shed turns around 360 degrees twice a day with the tide, meaning the view is constantly changing Photo: ITV News Wales

A garden shed is a very special place for thousands across Wales - but most people don't need to be a strong swimmer, an expert canoeist, or require a small yacht to reach theirs.

The Water Shed at Frongoch Boatyard, near Aberdovey, has won the 'Unique Shed' category in the international 'Shed of the Year' competition, beating 380 rivals to the coveted title.

Owner Geoff Hill must now wait until National Shed Week, which runs from July 2-7, to discover if his plywood pride and joy has won 'Shed of the Year'.

If it does, he's promised to spend the prize money on something 'completely impractical'.

I get quite a lot of people asking: 'Is it an art installation?' or 'Is it an environmental statement?' And I have to point out to them, no it's not - it's... a shed.

– Owner Geoff Hill
The shed's owner Geoff Hill described his creation as 'a shed for anybody' Credit: ITV News Wales

The floating shed has been in place since last summer, when it attracted around 10 visitors a day.

Comedian Arthur Smith even gave a performance from the Water Shed earlier this year.

Geoff describes it as a 'bog-standard, flat-pack shed' but adds: "The Water Shed is a shed for anybody. Anybody can go out to it and potter around."

The shed contains a primus stove, cups, teabags and sugar, but visitors are advised to bring some water and milk.

There have, however, been some more unusual gifts left.

Someone left a copy of the Kama Sutra there, along with '101 Things To Do In Your Shed'.

– Geoff Hill

Rob Shelley donned his waders and went to find out more.