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'Doodlemum' sketches every day of Swansea family life

Family cat Arnie tries to join in bed-time reading with mum Angie and her three children Photo: Doodlemum

They're everyday images of family life that will raise smiles of familiarity from parents everywhere. But - in drawing more than 700 sketches that illustrate the adventures of her three children - Swansea mum Angie Stevens has taken a unique approach to documenting the memories of a young family growing up fast.

Her blog, 'Doodlemum', has an illustration of a scene from nearly every day over the past two years. The starring cast is made up of her husband Myles, 9-year-old Millie, 4-year-old daughter Evie, and 2-year-old son Gruff, as well as Angie herself. Their cat Arnie, dog Bonnie, four chickens and cockerel Gizmo also have supporting roles.

Angie, who is a qualified artist, finds time each night to sketch a scene from the day. Pictured is the humour she and her family find in everyday activities, as well as her children's little mishaps, their dress-ups, and their mess-ups. Her sketches capture the landmarks of modern times - featuring stockings at Christmas, and bunting for the Diamond Jubilee recently. There are moments of tender affection and her children's impressions of the world around them. "Jam tarts are like a little sea of jam in a world of pastry" is just one.

A small collection of Angie's sketches can be seen below. For the full set, head to her 'Doodlemum' blog.

A typical scene of mischief featuring two-year-old Gruff Credit: Doodlemum
This sketch is just called 'bath-time' Credit: Doodlemum
...although getting in the paddling pool is always more fun Credit: Doodlemum
Angie found the energy to sketch even with the whole family laid low with flu Credit: Doodlemum
She depicts a kind of charming chaos many families will recognise Credit: Doodlemum