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Electrification to Swansea to be 'given go ahead'

The Valley Lines are part of the plans to electrify the railway lines Photo: ITV News Wales

There a reports that the Swansea and the south Wales Valleys will benefit from the biggest investment in the rail network since victorian times. There had been concerns that the billion pound project to electrify the railways in South Wales would only reach Cardiff.

Last year the UK Government pledged to bring electric trains as far as Cardiff, at a cost of a billion pounds, but no further. It's now reported the extra 500 million pounds has been secured to bring those trains to the south Wales Valles and onto Swansea.

Politicians and business leaders in Swansea met yesterday to put their argument forward for the railway lines should be electrified as far as the city. The local MP and Assembly Members say that if they miss out it would be a snub, and make it difficult to attract investment.

The final details of the plans to electrify the lines are still unclear. Whether all the valley lines will be upgraded and how long it will take for the work to be completed is expected early next week.

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