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Metal thieves target Lucas Cwmbran pavilion

Football and Rugby matches at the club have been cancelled in the past due to metal theft Photo: ITV News Wales

It's the sixth time in three years that Cwmbran football and rugby club has been vandalised, and now the club pavilion could face closure. Metal thieves have repeatedly broken into the clubhouse, this time stealing copper pipes and a boiler. Lucas Cwmbran say they don't think they can afford to pay for repairs.

Lucas Cwmbran's secretary, Ray Allford, was taking forms to the pavilion on Monday night when he discovered the damage. The boiler had been ripped out, along with copper pipes that lead into the showers.

It's an almost identical incident to one which happened last October, when thieves removed copper piping, but couldn't remove the boiler.

The club say the damage this time will cost at least £1,000 to fix, and until it can be repaired, the clubhouse will be out of action.

Copper pipes cut Credit: ITV News Wales

Lucas Cwmbran have three senior football teams who play on Saturdays, as well as a youth football team and and a rugby team who use the club on Sundays. Lucas Cwmbran say that around 60 to 100 players will be affected because they can no longer use the facilities at the club.

In the past, the damage has meant that some of the club's games had to be cancelled because squads were unable to use the changing rooms.