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Dangerous Dogs bill amongst planned new Welsh laws

A new law to control dangerous dogs is the surprise inclusion amongst eight new bills planned by the Welsh Government. First Minister Carwyn Jones told AMs that the bill was in response to Labour backbencher Julie Morgan's campaign for tighter controls on the owners of dangerous dogs. Announcing the bill, Carwyn Jones said,

Action could be taken where dogs attack people or other animals on any property and controls would focus on dog behaviour rather than breed. Responsible ownership will be fundamental to the changes and through the introduction of Dog Control Notices there will be a strong education and training requirement for both the dogs and their owners or keepers. The Bill will be introduced next spring.

Julie Morgan said she was 'delighted' by the news which was also welcomed by RSPCA Cymru.

The other bills listed by the First Minister were:

  • Human Transplantation Bill** - already published in draft form, this would pave the way for a 'soft' opt-out system of organ donation.**
  • *****Local Democracy Bill* - to be published in the autumn will change the way local elections are held and local councillors operate.
  • Social Services (Wales) Bill - to create 'a coherent legal framework' for social services. This has been put back to the start of 2013 following a large number of consultation responses.
  • *****Regulation and Inspection Bill *- covering the rules and inspection of social care, workforce and training. Proposals to be published in a White Paper during 2013.
  • Active Travel Bill** - to promote walking and cycling. **
  • *****Further and Higher Education Bil *- to change the organisation which funds universities and to ensure further eduction colleges remain at arm's length from government.
  • Education Bill **- registration of the education workforce, registration of those who are home-educated and reform to the legal framework for students with special educational needs.

There'll also be a series of White Paper consultations on the following bills:

  • The Ending Violence Against Women and Domestic Abuse Bill****
  • ***Sustainable Development Bill***
  • ***Tenancy Reform Bill***

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