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Traffic warnings ahead of the summer getaway

Heavy traffic on the M4 going towards Wales Photo: Barry Batchelor / PA Archive

Today is the start of the school holidays, with children breaking up for the long summer break. That means that around two million people will be heading abroad, or travelling to their holiday destination this weekend.

According to a warning from the AA, major road routes are likely to be busier than normal from mid-afternoon today, and they're urging drivers to be cautious.

AA Roadwatch and traffic information company, Trafficmaster, said the main routes to the coast are likely to be busiest, along with cross-Channel ports and major airports.

This weekend it's estimated that:

  • 482,000 passengers will leave from Heathrow, while 275,000 will leave from Gatwick
  • About 50,000 people will use the Channel Tunnel high-speed trains
  • 45,000 people will leave from Bristol.