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Hot & sunny for many across Wales

It's been very hot for some today, yet a little under par in other places and we're set for a very similar day tomorrow.

Overnight it is going to be very warm and humid.. Lows of 14-17C making it rather uncomfortable. Clear skies for many parts of the country.

Tomorrow the waving front that has been bringing the cloud to north and west Wales over the last few days will push back bringing more cloud for some. Further to the south east it will be hot and sunny once again with highs of 27C. Temperatures across north and west coastal areas lagging way behind. There is a chance of a heavy shower in any of the eastern counties but this will be very isolated.

Over the next few days the cloud becomes more widespread and temperatures returning to normal. Interestingly there is unlikely to be thundery breakdown in the weather across Wales thanks to anticipated heavy thunderstorms across the SE of England.

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