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Cooler and showery weekend heading our way

There was at least SOME sunshine across the whole of Wales through Friday, and once again some parts faired better with warmer temperatures than others. The weekend, however, sees a return to more disappointing weather.

Overnight the bulk of the cloud from today will melt away leaving clear skies and compared to recent nights it's going to be much cooler. As well as cooler, it will be less humid which will make for a more comfortable night.

Some showers could drift in towards Anglesey by the end of the night and this is where they're most like to be tomorrow morning before becoming more widespread later in the day. It's going to be breezier than recently which will help to push showers across the country. That said it will be dragging cooler air across Wales so we'll see a fresher day with highs of 19C.

Sunday will be similar to Saturday, but there could be heavier showers around, then next week looks rather damp and unsettled.

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