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Life at the Olympic Park

Life inside the ITV Olympics newsroom in London Photo:

Arriving at Stratford Station, the drop-off point for the Olympic Park, you are struck not only by the thousands of spectators, but also the athletes mingling freely amongst them. In front of me on the platform are a couple of burly New Zealanders in black tracksuits (rowers perhaps?) At the huge Westfield shopping centre which fringes the Olympic Park, there's a rainbow of different coloured tracksuits as competitors enjoy some down time and a spot of shopping.

The ITV 'building', tucked away opposite a Premier Inn, is actually a multi-story car park for the John Lewis store. On the roof, marquees house the temporary 'newsroom' which is home to dozens of journalists from around the world. Fittingly, the majority of those inside work for British broadcasters - including ITV - a fact reflected by the preponderance of Union Jack bunting. The atmosphere is frenetic, with staff reacting quickly to breaking news as medals are won and stories unfold. But all find time to gather round the TV screens to cheer on GB athletes, and the whoops that greet any home success are enough to make the most hardened hack break into a toothy grin.

With the medal tally rising, more and more famous faces have arrived in our 'tent'. Yesterday the rower Greg Searle - the 40 year old veteran of Barcelona '92 who came back to win a bronze in the Mens' 8 - dropped by, as did Roger Black, our greatest 400m runner. Even the Prime Minister braved the winds and rickety staircase of our Westfield eyrie to be interviewed by ITV News.

With each day and each British success you have the sense of things building to a wonderful climax. Hopefully there'll be plenty more Welsh success to come - and the signs going into the weekend are good ones - but whatever happens, it's been a privilege to witness history being made on our doorstep.

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