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The number of Welsh MPs could still be cut, says PM

The Prime Minister says he still hopes to get his plans to cut the number of MPs through Parliament, despite the opposition of the Liberal Democrats. Under the proposals the total number of constituencies would drop from 650 to 600. Wales would lose 25% of its MPs, with a cut from 40 to 30.

Mr Cameron said his focus is on the economy and he hadn't wanted months of wrangling over reform of the House of Lords, which caused his falling out with Nick Clegg. He was visiting the Gilwern Outdoor Education Centre near Abergavenny and met teenagers from London doing National Citizen Service.

It's part of Mr Cameron's Big Society project and only applies to England, though he claimed that the Welsh Government was offered funding. The Gilwern centre offers activities including climbing, orienteering and canoeing. Mr Cameron is visiting sporting centres around the UK during the Olympics.

During his visit to Wales, the Prime Minister was asked if the Liberal Democrats' decision to block plans to cut the number of MPs means that changes to the Assembly voting system won't go ahead. But he denied that the Welsh Secretary's consultation on her proposals is 'dead in the water'.

No. I look forward to hearing the views of all the parties and then a decision must be made.


The Welsh Secretary, Cheryl Gillan, has launched a Green Paper stating her preference for cutting the number of constituency AMs from 40 to 30, in line with the proposed reduction in Welsh MPs. The number of list AMs, who are less likely to be Labour, would increase from 20 to 30.

She has stated that even if the number of Assembly constituencies isn't cut, they need to be redrawn with more equal numbers of voters, in line with the Westminster proposals which the Lib Dems say they'll block. The Welsh Government says any change should be a matter for the Assembly to decide.