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Warning over risks of cosmetic procedures

From scalpel to syringe, as the demand for more radical cosmetic procedures soars in Wales, so does the supply. But how safe are some of these nips, tucks and jabs? And how much do some of the people delivering potentially dangerous medical procedures really know about what they’re doing?

There’s been a big boom in procedures involving injection of both botulinum toxin (commonly known by trade name Botox) and dermal fillers.

In the last year botox and dermal has become a lot more popular and I think its because of prolonging age, feel good factor and providing it is done properly it does make you feel very very good... Even though we are in this kind of recession, they will find money to look after themselves

– Jacqueline Orrell (salon owner, Aquarius, Cardiff)

But experts are especially concerned about the lack of regulation in the field of “injectables”.

In Wales we have had examples of beauty therapists, giving Botox, and dermal fillers and this really does affect patient safety. If a patient has an anaphylactic shock to a dermal filler, then you need to ensure that person is having that done in the right environment...

...I am really worried if this carries on with beauty therapists doing it we could have disaster waiting to happen.

– Sally Taber, Independent Healthcare Association and Treatments You Can Trust

Wales This Week has been talking to people who have had bad experiences. Mandy Simmons is especially concerned about the way botulinum toxin can even be administered at parties

I don’t think the lighting may be appropriate at times I don’t think the concentration levels are what they need to be to inject certain muscles and the amounts they are putting in, but is it being administered properly in that environment?

– Mandy Simmons, Beautician

Mandy, along with medical experts, wants more stringent regulation around who can administer injectables, particularly the more risky dermal fillers.

A Department of Health review of the regulation of the cosmetic surgery industry is due to report next year. It will scrutinise who should administer injectables and may suggest it should be limited to doctors, dentists and trained nurses.

We really need to look at who is providing this kind of treatment, they are medical procedures, they need clinical operators, and the idea that someone can be doing this is the corner of a hairdressers or a beauty parlour really needs to be rethought

– Jenny Willott MP, Cardiff Central

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