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Tiger Moth plane crash in pictures

A woman who saw the Tiger Moth bi-plane crash land in Denbighshire on Sunday has shared some of her photographs of the event.

Pam Sheldon was taking pictures of the plane as it was flying over a field in Eryrys. The wreckage of the plane landed just feet away from where she and her mother were standing.

The wreckage landed just feet away from Pam Sheldon and her mother Credit: Pam Sheldon

It's believed the Tiger Moth bi-plane clipped a tree before hitting the ground in a field at Eryrys.

The plane crash landed on Sunday Credit: Pam Sheldon

The plane was badly damaged in the crash, but the pilot managed to escape the wreckage unharmed.

The plane was badly damaged in the crash Credit: Pam Sheldon

According to Pam Sheldon, the plane crash landed in the exact spot where her mother had been standing just moments before.

You can hear the interview with Pam Sheldon tonight on ITV1 at 6pm.

The emergency services attended the scene Credit: Pam Sheldon

Earlier today Rob Shelley went to speak to Pam Sheldon and her mother about the crash. Pam Sheldon has described it as one of the 'scariest things' she has ever seen.