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Organ donation consultation closes

Consultation on the Welsh Government's organ donation bill ends today Photo: ITV News Wales

The consultation on the Welsh Government's draft legislation on organ donation ends today.

The Government outlined their draft bill back in June, which would introduce so-called 'presumed consent'.

People would automatically be presumed to have given their go-ahead for their organs to be used after their death, unless they had specifically opted out.

Since then, members of the public and health professionals have been able to have their say on the proposals. The plans have already caused much controversy, with opponents citing a recent rise in the number of donations as proof that an opt-out system is not necessary.

There were also fears that families would have to donate their loved ones' organs simply because they hadn't opted out, though the draft legislation suggests that although families wouldn't have a legal veto, they would be able to stop organs being removed in practice.

The new policy is only expected to mean another fifteen people giving their organs after death. But it's argued that even one extra justifies the change because of the huge difference it makes to people's lives.

The policy could come into force in 2015.

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