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Beach clean-up underway in Wales for Beachwatch Big Weekend

Volunteers will be working tirelessly this weekend to clean up Welsh beaches Photo: David Davies/PA

Hundreds of volunteers are taking to beaches around Wales as part of this year's national Beachwatch Big Weekend.

Rubbish found will be cleaned up and recorded, with the data collected helping to shape future beach litter campaigns.

Items found on UK beaches during last September's Beachwatch Big Weekend included a life-sized fake donkey, a portable toilet, a roadside bollard, a plastic skeleton and a Smartie tube lid from the 1970s.

But more unpleasant discoveries often include syringes, sanitary waste and faeces.

Experts warn the amount of litter left on beaches across the UK is posing a real threat to wildlife Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA

The Marine Conservation Society - the charity set up to help protect our seas and shores - says Welsh wildlife is under threat from discarded litter.

Hundreds of species of marine wildlife accidentally eat or become tangled up in litter - and it's also hazardous to beach visitors and sea users. As a charity we rely heavily on volunteer support, and Beachwatch is a great way for our supporters to get hands on and really make a difference.

– Gill Bell, Marine Conservation Society

Beachwatch is part of the International Coastal Cleanup, which takes place in over 100 countries and regions worldwide.