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Grey and dreary for many today, but rain on the way

Apart from northeast Wales, it's cloudy and overcast pretty much everywhere today. And that's likely to be unchanged until rain arrives tomorrow.

It's going to be dry for the rest of the day but you might feel the odd spot of rain in breeze from time to time. It's rather windy around the north west coast and temperatures are about right for the time of year with highs today of 18C.

There's very little change overnight, generally dry and cloudy. Lows of 11C.

Sunday sees two bands of rain merging into one as it pushes southeastwards across the country. So starting the day dry but cloudy in the south and east, rather wet and windy to the northwest. As the day progresses there's almost a swap as the rain clears from the Anglesey and Gwynedd to reveal some brightness by the end of the day. Highs again, 18C

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