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More cloud, with showers in some parts

It was a little brighter than anticipated for some parts of Wales. North Wales in particular saw some fine early sunshine and elsewhere whilst it was cloudy it was thin enough to bring some brightness.

The rest of the day will see more cloud building particularly in north Wales where a front lurks nearby. In the thickest of the cloud we could see more showers developing. Temperatures continue to be slightly below where they should be with highs of 15-16C and the breeze will be stronger across the NW coast.

Overnight the rain band to the north drifts down across Wales, dying as as it does although could still bring the odd heavier burst on the northern hills. Elsewhere its dry and cloudy and a milder night than of late.

Tomorrow, what's left of the rain lies across central and south Wales and continues heading south. Brighter weather will be moving in to north Wales early on. By the afternoon, much of Wales will be brightening up but the northerly wind will be chilly meaning highs of just 14-16C and there will be plenty of showers around.

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