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MTV launches new Valleys reality show

TV bosses are defending a new reality show which features nine people from the Valleys trying to make a name for themselves in Cardiff.

MTV's 'The Valleys' programme is attracting criticism from a campaign group that says it creates an unfavourable impression of Wales.

But executives at the channel say the cast isn't representative of a nation and the show is about individual stories.

The show is follows the lives of nine young people from the South Wales valleys with dreams of working in modelling and showbusiness. After moving into a house in Cardiff they're mentored by a nightclub promoter and a glamour model who try and help them achieve their ambitions.

The reason we came to Wales was all the people we have on the show - while they want to leave the Valleys because they want to improve their lives - they're all incredibly proud of being Welsh and they have a very strong sense of identity, which I think is really unique and special. But we're categorically not saying they are representative of Wales and the Valleys, this is their individual stories.

– Kerry Taylor, Director of Television at MTV

David Wood has been looking at the programme and the claims that it will tarnish the reputation of Wales.