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Donation to replace 4-year-old's stolen charity cash

Brooke Keesmaat suffers from the condition Ectodermal Dysplasia Photo: ITV News Wales

Last week we covered the story of 4-year old Brooke Keesmaat, who has a genetic condiditon that means she has no hair.

Her family raised £500 to buy her a custom-made wig, but it was stolen when burglars broke into the family home. Following our story a donor has now come forward to replace the money.

Brian Skuse said he was so moved by Brooke's story that he wanted to replace the money. He's been working at the Alstom Power Plant in Pembrokeshire for the last three years, and says he's had such a warm welcome from the locals that he wanted to give something back.

Since our report, Brooke has had several offers of help. According to the Keesmaat family, the extra money will go to the Little Princess Trust - a charity that provides wigs for children who've lost their hair through cancer or other illnesses.

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