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Plans for South Wales healthcare shake-up

Health chiefs across south and east Wales have unveiled a wide ranging series of ideas about the possible future shape of the hospital services they provide to more than a million people in their areas.

The 4 South Wales Health Boards have unveiled their initial ideas for reorganising the NHS. Aneurin Bevan, Cardiff and Vale, Cwm Taff and Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Health Boards have been working together to try to come up with a plan.

The aim is to treat people in the community where possible and only send them to hospital where necessary. And hospital services will be reorganised so that hospitals work together across services.

The four main areas for change are Obstetrics, Neonatal Care, Paediatrics and Accident and Emergency. Each of them would be done at one of 4 or 5 specialist centres across the health boards.

That could mean services will be downgraded at at least four hospitals, including Neville Hall and Royal Gwent.

Our health Correspondent Mariclare Carey-Jones has been looking at what the possible changes could mean.

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