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Promising start to the weekend

A bright and breezy end to the week leads to a bright start to the weekend with some lovely autumn sunshine around.

Before we get there we have a chilly night ahead of us, at least for some. Under the clearer skies temperatures will drop to 4C. That's normally enough for some ground frost, but the wind should be enough to stop it. Further west we'll continue to see a few showers drifting in off the Irish Sea.

A scattering of those showers will linger through tomorrow morning, apart from that it's a fine start to Saturday with plenty of sunshine around. High pressure continues to build through the day and that should be enough to kill off the showers later on, although more cloud is expected to build through the day. Highs of 14-16C which will feel nice in the sunshine, but chilly in the breeze and when the sun goes in.

A return of the "wet and windies" is in store for Sunday.

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