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Report: 'Slow progress' on Pembrokeshire child protection

The latest report looking into child protection services in Pembrokeshire has found that whilst there have been improvements, progress is still slow in key areas.

The authority was heavily criticised last year with Welsh Government ministers sending experts in.

Today, The Care and Social Services Inspectorate say the council still is yet to achieve the level of assurance it needs about handling allegations of professional abuse.

Pembrokeshire Council says it is considering the findings.

The review examined a sample of 20 cases between April 2011 and April 2012 where professional abuse had been alleged.

Six of these had been part of the initial investigation in 2011.

Nineteen of these involved allegations against school or education staff, with the other involving a member of staff from social services.

The report found "some improvement" in the following areas:

  • the timeliness of referrals made by other agencies
  • the quality of the initial response from police and social services relating to allegations against professionals
  • the timeliness of initial strategy meetings
  • "outcome strategy" meetings were found to be held more "routinely"
  • there was a recognised need to offer advocacy

But inspectors warned that "progress has been slow in key areas", citing an "inconsistent" management of cases involving allegations against professionals.

We are considering the findings in the report and are continuing to focus our efforts on improving the arrangements for safeguarding


– Pembrokeshire Council spokesperson

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