1. ITV Report

Rain arriving in south Wales

There's a thick veil of cloud lying across the bulk of Wales and that's a sign that rain is on the way. But only for the southern half of the country in fact it's difficult to predict exactly how far north the rain will push. The heaviest of the rain will be across the higher ground of south Wales. Yellow warnings are in force for southern counties to be aware of the rain and the potential for surface level flooding.

Tonight very little changes, a few showers for Gwynedd and Anglesey, rain for south and central Wales, some drier spells further north. A cool night with lows of 6C. By the end of the night the rain will have cleared to the south east.

Saturday will start with plenty of sunshine around, cloud will build during the day and the chance of the odd shower for Flintshire later on. A cool day with highs of 13-15C but the wind shouldn't be too strong so the sunshine should make up for it.

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