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Pride of Britain nominee: Mark Williams

Over the past few weeks you have been sending in your nominations for the Daily Mirror Pride Of Britain Local Hero Awards 2012, which you can watch exclusively on ITV 1.

The awards recognise the extraordinary achievements of normal people, who make the world a better place.

Over the next few nights we will bring you the stories of Wales’ three regional finalists, including Mark Williams.

Mark has been nominated by his wife Michelle

After the birth of their son Ifan Mark’s wife suffered Post Natal Depression - a condition which had a profound effect on the whole family.

Over the following 18 months Mark did everything he could to help his wife and to hold their young family together.

But as Michelle recovered Mark found began to suffer depression himself, but found the support services on offer to fathers were few and far between.

That lead Mark to start his own support group - Fathers Reaching Out, to help other people in the same situation.

Since setting up his first group Mark has expanded the organisation around the country.

The focus is always on the wife, which is rightly so, but there’s nothing on the fathers.What I found is that with all that pressure from families splitting up, going through it myself, I thought people would understand more coming from someone who’s going through it, and open up.

– Mark Williams

His wife Michelle said “I’ve nominated Mark because he’s given up so much of his time to help other people it would be nice for him to get awarded and recognised for what he’s done”.

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