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Funding cuts means "fewer leisure centres"

The leader of the body that represents local authorities says there will be fewer leisure centres provided by councils as they deal with further cuts to their budgets.

The Welsh Local Government Association says that councils across Wales have seen a fall in spending of 8% per person over the last three years.

The group says some forecasts predict a fall of almost a fifth over the next 9 years from further UK Government cuts.

The provision of leisure facilities are non statuary services and therefore councils do not have to offer them. This has meant that many have decided to cut their provision.

Steve Thomas says there may be leisure centre closures as councils discuss the size of their provision. He also says many other councils are looking at how they provide services.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is one of a number of authorities that are now working with private companies to help provide services.

Councillor Gwyn John is the cabinet member for Leisure at the council and he says they looked at working with various voluntary organisations and trusts before deciding on their current set up.

Councillor John says that if they hadn't entered the partnership, it would have meant at least one leisure centre would need to have been closed.

The big benefit to people is that they are guaranteed that their leisure centre will be staying open and that can't be said for the rest of some councils in Wales. I know some councils that are really struggling.

– Cllr Gwyn John, Vale of Glamorgan Council