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Woman jailed for life for killing young mother had "violent temper"

Emma Jones was stabbed to death outside her home in Penygroes in December 2011 Photo: North Wales Police

A woman who stabbed a young mother to death has been sentenced to life in prison. Alwen Jones was told that she will serve a minimum of 18 years in jail.

The judge said the 24 year old from Llanllyfni, Gwynedd, by her own admission had a violent temper, and she was a “troubled” woman.

Mr Justice Griffith-Williams told Caernarfon crown court that ”It’s clear to me anyone who crossed you at that point would have been in danger. It was Emma Jones’s great misfortune that she was, as you agreed, in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The judge said she told a “malicious lie” alleging that Emma Jones had previously stabbed a man to justify arming herself with a knife. Alwen Jones had been looking for trouble and prepared to use extreme violence.

There can be no excuse for your murderous attack on her, you took the life of a young woman and deprived her son of the mother he loved.You will only be released when the Parole Board is satisfied you no longer present a danger to the public.

– Mr Justice Griffith-Williams

The mother of two had killed 31 year old Emma Jones at the entrance to a block of flats at the village of Penygroes, near Caernarfon, last December. She later told police that the victim deserved what happened.

Alwen Jones, of nearby Llanllyfni, had denied murder or manslaughter but found guilty of a murder by a jury on Wednesday afternoon.

The prosecution had told Caernarfon Crown Court that before lunging at the victim without warning, a woman recalled Alwen Jones shouted ”Come outside if you think you are hard enough.”

Prosecuting QC Ian Murphy said the defendant’s 21 year old sister Grace had been at a party at a block of flats and there appeared to have been a disagreement with another woman.

Emma Jones and her boyfriend arrived at the party and she asked Grace Jones to leave. However, Grace Jones phoned her boyfriend who was at the defendant’s home.

Mr Murphy said Alwen Jones became angry and armed herself with a kitchen knife which she placed down her top. She walked to the scene and stabbed Emma Jones.The jury of eight men and four women took just under two hours to convict Alwen Jones who stood between three security guards in the dock and showed no emotion.

Flowers were laid outside the home of Emma Jones following her death Credit: ITV News Wales

When quizzed by police Alwen Jones said “my blood was boiling” and she was “mad.” She added :”I flipped and went for her with the knife.”

She claimed she carried the knife to protect herself and her sister “because I knew what type of girl Emma is.”

After causing a single deep stab wound, she threw the knife in a nearby front garden and made her way to her father’s home where she hid for some time in a shed.

Emma Jones’s boyfriend placed her in a car and arranged to meet an ambulance, but the victim was pronounced dead in hospital at Bangor.