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Five Welsh officers honoured for bravery

Five officers from Welsh forces will be honoured at a ceremony on Thursday evening Photo: ITV News Wales

Five police officers from Wales will be honoured on Thursday for acts of bravery.

The annual Police Bravery Awards will recognise officers who have risked their lives in the line of duty.

At least one officer from each police force in Wales - Gwent, North Wales, South Wales and Dyfed-Powys - has been selected. In total, 53 officers from forces across the country will be awarded.

Those recognised for acts of bravery include:

Pc Rhys Evans from Dyfed-Powys Police

In the early hours of a January morning a woman fell down a weir and was dragged hundreds of metres along the the River Cleddau by strong currents, at one point disappearing below the surface. Officers ran along the riverbank throwing lifelines to her but she was unable to reach them.

Pc Rhys Evans realised that if the woman passed the Freemans Way Bridge they would no longer be able to follow her, and was worried that she might drown. He dived into the water and grabbed her, before his colleagues helped pull her to safety.

Sergeants Gareth Lougher and Stephen Drayton from Gwent Police

The two sergeants were called to help a woman who was trapped in her car, which had fallen into a brook and landed on its roof after a crash. The car was filling with water and she was struggling to find air. The car door couldn't be opened because the force of the water was too strong and so they smashed the window and removed the pane to free her.

Pc John Harrison from North Wales

Pc John Harrison was helping to look for a missing man who had threatened to kill himself in a message sent a message to his mother. The officer found the man at a train station, standing on the edge of the platform and surrounded by people. He tried to talk to the man, who was wanted for breaching requirements imposed on him as a sex offender.

The man pulled out a knife and stabbed Pc Harrison in the head. The officer had to use his baton and CS spray to try and control him.

DC Andrew O'Flanagan from South Wales

DC Andrew O'Flanagan was off duty when he drove past a shop in Swansea and saw two men threatening a shop assistant with knives and demanding money. As they took the money and ran towards their car, DC O'Flanagan chased them. One of the robbers tripped and fell, and the detective struggled with him, dislocating his own finger in the process. He managed to keep the man under control until more officers arrived. Two other men were arrested later.

The nominated officers have been invited to a lunch time reception at Downing Street before the awards ceremony in London later on Thursday. The Home Secretary Theresa May will attend the ceremony.

There will be eight regional awards handed out - one for victim support and one overall winner.