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Sunny settled Saturday? And Sunday too?

It's been a quiet end to the week plenty of cloud around after some earlier sunny spells. That cloud will support temperatures tonight, and we should escape a ground frost with lows of 5C. The wind, however, will be a light enough and the air humid enough to see some dense fog patches developing across eastern parts of Wales. Elsewhere it's a night of clear spells.

Saturday will be a generally nice day with sunny spells. It could be a slow start where fog patches are slow to burn back or lift into cloud. There will be a few showers around particularly around lunchtime but they should be well scattered and light in nature. The afternoon should see the showers ease and everywhere should see some sunshine, even if shortlived. Highs again of 15C.

The decent weather should last into Sunday too with the added bonus of fewer or no showers. Then after some light rain around on Monday it should be cloudy but surprisingly mild and dry on Tuesday.

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