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Support for presumed consent organ donation plans

People need to opt in to donating organs under the current system Photo: Clive Gee / PA Archive

Plans to introduce a 'presumed consent' system for organ donation in Wales have a substantial level of support, according to a survey released today by the Welsh Government.

49% of the 1,000 people who were questioned said they are in favour of the proposals, compared to just 22% who say they are against them. A significant number said they need more information on the 'soft' opt-out scheme to understand what it means in practice.

The Welsh Government published its draft Human Transplantation (Wales) Bill in June. The period of consultation closed last month, and a summary of formal responses will also be published later today.

The proposals aim to put into a law a system where people would have to opt out of donating their organs when they die, rather than opt in. People over the age of 18 'will be deemed to have given their consent and made a positive decision to donate their organs and tissues for transplantation', according to the proposals.

The proposed legislation has proven controversial. Supporters say it could save many lives, but critics warn it could undermine trust in the system, and say there needs to be a clearer understanding how it would work, specifically the powers of a potential donor's family.

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