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Exhibition hopes to rejuvenate Wrexham

A new art exhibition is opening in Wrexham today.

'A Sense of Place' is a project aiming to 'revitalise' empty units in Wrexham’s People’s Market, by inviting local artists to exhibit work inspired by their own personal relationship with the town.

The exhibition, known as a ‘A Sense of Place’ is using unoccupied market stalls to showcase work from both local professional artists and art students.

By being held in the People’s Market, it is hoped this Wrexham inspired exhibition will be accessible to the whole community, and support the regeneration of the town.

Wrexham based artist Angela Davies has been the driving force behind the project and hopes it can be the catalyst to 'rejuvenate' the town in the future.

The exhibition is set to include paintings, sculpture and live performances, each giving a unique insight into the artist’s feelings towards Wrexham.

The most important aspect of this project is to forge a creative community within the town and to have a platform to present local talent in the public arena, with events like ‘A Sense of Place’, we can begin to establish a creative culture so that future events and projects may follow.”**

– Angela Davies, Wrexham based artist

Market traders are welcoming the exhibition which will be open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday until 30th November.

I think it’s a splendid idea, and great way of bringing new customers into the market".

– Michael Mullen, former chairman of the National Market Traders Federation and manager of TJ Carpets