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Denbighshire Youth Choir to perform at Royal Albert Hall

To the untrained ear they sound amazing.... but conductor Eleri Watkins isn't letting the children of Denbighshire's Youth Choir rest on their musical laurels. Next week they swap a school hall in Rhyl for a six-minute slot in the special Schools Prom at the Royal Albert Hall - and instead of a chorus of parents at the back, there will be a space holding a thousand keen listeners instead.

The pressure is on to perfect their two songs and to practise their stagecraft - how to enter the stage, how to leave and the best way to bow. The youngsters are excited and a bit apprehensive about their performance - they'll be singing two songs in Welsh in the centre of a London stage so big you could almost get lost in it.

It's an honour they've all worked for, with parents and choir members packing bags at a local supermarket to raise money to pay for the trip.

Right now, they're packing their own bags and will hit the spotlight next Tuesday.

VIDEO: Watch the choir singing 'Ysbryd y Nos'.