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Sam Ledward, declared dead in 1936, celebrates 106th birthday

A North Wales pensioner has just celebrated his 106th birthday – 76 years after he was declared dead.

Sam Ledward was involved in a serious crash in 1936 when the front wheel of his 500cc Triumph motorbike burst.

He entered a coma so deep that doctors thought he was dead.

But as his body was being wheeled to the mortuary, a hospital porter noticed him move – and he was rushed back to the hospital ward, where he made a full recovery.

Widower Sam, who lives near Mold, puts his longevity down to ‘sheer luck’ that a porter spotted his faint sign of life before he was buried.

VIDEO: Sam Ledward recounts the incident that led him to be declared dead by medics in 1936

Sam, a joiner by trade for most of his working life, was born in Cheshire in 1906.

He and his late wife Edith lived in Blackpool before she died in 1993, when he moved to Wales to stay with relatives.

Sam’s advice for living life to the full is simply to ‘take things as they come’.

“I don’t think there’s any other way really,” he told ITV Wales.

“You can’t guarantee anything. You could be here today and gone tonight.”

Sam Ledward's 106th birthday card from the Queen has pride of place in his home Credit: ITV News Wales

The centenarian also says it’s important to be friendly and courteous to those around you, adding: “I don’t think I’ve got any enemies."

Sam admits he’s been in a ‘few scrapes’ in his time, but says he 'doesn’t really feel any different’ since turning 106 on Friday.

“My memory is alright,” he said. “I couldn't go playing football or swimming or things like that now – I wouldn't like to try! But I’m alright for an old codger.”