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At last a spell of sunnier weather, but can it last?

It was almost a joy to open the curtains this morning to discover a glimpse of sunshine and we've seen more and more sunshine break out across Wales during the day.

The rest of the afternoon will see more sunshine with the odd bits of cloud. Highs of 9 or 10C.

Tonight the clear spells allow temperatures to fall away rapidly leading to a widespread air and ground frost. Lows of minus 2C could see the odd icy patch develop and also the odd misty patch. Further west for Pembrokeshire, Gwynedd and Anglesey we'll see some showers around, but they'll die by the end of the night.

Sunday will be nice and sunny pretty much everywhere but it will be a chilly start to the day. The sun will burn back any mist early on but later in the day will turn hazy from the west as the next batch of unsettled weather heads our way. Highs tomorrow of just 6-9C.

Thanks to Andrew Paterson for today's pic!

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