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Fine sunny Sunday but cloud and rain on the way tomorrow

It was a glorious frosty start to Sunday, lovely sunshine around to take the chill off the day, but there's a large bank of cloud to the west of us that is heading our way.

The rest of this weekend will see the sunshine becoming more hazy and then cloudy from the west. There may be some light rain for Anglesey by the end of the afternoon. Highs today remaining in single figures. The wind increases in the west as the next front approaches.

Overnight it turns very windy in western coastal districts, a warm front skirts the northwest quarter of Wales bringing light to moderate rain here. The rest of Wales sees an influx of cloud. Temperatures dipping in places to 2C allowing a brief ground frost before temperatures rise later.

Monday starts wet and windy, particularly in the western half of Wales. Gales in the Irish Sea continue through the morning with gusts expected to reach 60mph. The main rain band pushes across the country during the day, weakening as it does. Everywhere will get wet at some point, the wind likely to make it feel wetter than it really is. The Met Office only expects around 15mm to fall. It should turn lighter for the north west and Pembrokeshire by the end of the day.

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