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Wales weather: the calm after the storm, but there's more to come

Well we promised rain - and that is exactly what we got last night! Many areas woke to some dreadful conditions today, but thankfully the worst is over - for the time being! So lets look at the next 24 hours in a little more detail;

Today: Rain first thing in the east, with the odd heavier burst. This should clear fairly quickly, with brighter conditions spreading from the west. A few showers likely towards western coasts, but a good deal of dry weather for most. Maximum Temperature 11 °C.

Tonight: Clouding over this evening and overnight, with outbreaks of mainly light rain at times, though a few heavier busts possible towards dawn. Southwesterly winds becoming increasingly strong. Minimum Temperature 7 °C.

Thursday: A very windy morning with gales in exposure. Outbreaks of rain will become increasingly heavy and persistent from the west, with some torrential downpours possible, especially into the afternoon. Maximum Temperature 12 °C.

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