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More heavy rain for Wales, amber warnings in force

It's been raining pretty much since dawn across south Wales and there are a good few hours of heavier rain, the worst in the south before it all heads off.

Tonight the rain continues, eventually moving away from Pembrokeshire. It will be a chilly night in spite of the rain and a chilly start to Sunday.

Some good breaks to start the day but showers begin to form in the west with more rain pushing across Wales through the afternoon. Highs of 9 or 10C but it probably will feel somewhat cooler than that.

The tail end of the rain that arrives later on Sunday is with us on Monday meaning yet more risk of flooding. Past Monday, the weather is set to settle for a while but this could lead to some much colder weather .

The yellow warnings to be aware of the rain and associated flood risk continue through Sunday AND Monday.

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