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Persistent heavy rain for north Wales

Heavy showery rain has been steadily making a push across Wales today and once it arrives in north Wales it will be stuck for quite a few hours bringing persistent and at times heavy rain.

Tonight the rain pivots across north Wales so whilst the it turns a little more showery further south, the rain gets stuck across northern counties. Here it will be heavy and become increasingly windy.

Monday sees the the cold front from this low pressure system sweeping across the whole of Wales with north Wales once again getting stuck with the wet weather. Here it will be persistent and heavy and by the time it clears we could see around 60mm falling which is more than fell on Thursday. Southern parts of Wales will be cloudy with lighter outbreaks of rain.

Last week the focus of the rain was Gywnedd, Anglesey and Conwy, this time around Denbighshire and Flintshire will also be in the firing line.

As the rain begins to pull away the winds increase to gale force, particularly around the coast where gusts could reach 60mph in exposed places in the northwest and Anglesey.

Keep updated with weather warnings on the Met Office website, and river flood warnings on the Environment Agency website. It should be pointed out that rivers in Wales cope with rain quite well, the issue is more likely to be localised surface water flooding, as was the case in Llanberis last week.

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