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Yaseen Ali Ege trial: Relatives of Sara Ege claim they were 'threatened' previously

The jury at Cardiff Crown Court has heard from the parents of Sara Ege, who is accused of murdering her 7 year old son Yaseen.

They said they were threatened by family members after her husband Yousef Ali Ege was arrested for hitting her.

Sara Ege's mother Nafees Ahmed was asked by her barrister Peter Murphy QC through an interpreter "In 2004 were you made aware Yousef had been arrested for hitting Sara?',

'Yes'' she replied.

'Did you receive a visit from any of Yousef's family in India?'

''Yes. [They] came over and they threatened us, saying if anything happens to Yousef we will kill you and your family".

When her husband Mohammed Ahmed Ali Khan was asked if he had believed the threat, he replied"yes".

Both parents said Sara Ege mentioned violence towards her early on in her marriage.

Yousef Ali Ege's defence barrister Maura McGowan QC asked Mohammed Ahmed Ali Khan whether Sara was 'perfectly happy' in the marriage.

He said "we were just telling her 'you are married now you have to make it work'.

"So she was unhappy from the start?" asked Ms McGowan.

"Yes she was unhappy but we were telling her it was a matter of honour and respect'.

"Did she tell you she was knocked unconscious?"

"Yes" Mr Khan replied

"And you did nothing?"

"We live in India. What could we do?" he said.

Both of Sara Ege's parents say they witnessed her husband Yousef hit their son Yaseen.

Maura McGowan asked both parents whether they were lying to protect their daughter, which they denied.

Mr Khan said "I am speaking the truth. I put my hands on the Koran. I would not do that".

Earlier today, Yousef Ali Ege wept as he was shown video of his son taking part in a Koran recital competition, and had to be led away from the court.

Police and firefighters were called to the family's home in Pontcanna, Cardiff in July 2010 after reports of a fire.

After the discovery of Yaseen's body, it was initially presumed he had died in the fire, but a post-mortem examination revealed he had died before the fire began.

Sara Ege denies murder and perverting the course of justice. Yousef Ali Ege denies allowing or causing the death of a child by failure to protect.

The case continues.

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